Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes Garrison Grips Unique?

A. We create designs for subcompact models that fit the average sized hand. All three fingers can wrap around the handle.

Q. What are the benefits of doing that in exchange for keeping the subcompact small and light?

A. First our grip extender designs keep the mass and weight adding less than .2oz to the weight of the subcompact. Additionally, the full grip design provides exactly what you need for better control and accuracy along with a significant reduction in painful kickback when firing.

Q. How does the Pistol Grip Extension attach to the Subcompact?

A. We do have a video that you can watch how simple the procedure is. Briefly, the Extension slides on to the end of the magazine. This process takes less than 15 seconds. Always make sure that all bullets are out of the magazine and make sure that the gun chamber is empty. Because the magazine has a tension spring inside, please be sure to wear eye protection while doing this procedure.

Q. Doesn't the longer extension make it harder to conceal the subcompact?

A. More often than not, "No". It only adds 1.25" on to the length of the handle but makes such a huge difference in comfort and accuracy. Always remember our return and satisfaction guarantee makes trying our product a "No Risk" proposition for you.

Garrison Grip™, orGUNizer® Holster, Garrison Grip Trigger Stops,  and our other products are designed and manufactured by Garrison Grip, LLC, a company serving professionals who carry as a part of their job description or are legally permitted to conceal and carry in their respective states.